About our agency

Short Story About Our Company

Look First Marketing specialise in all forms of Digital Marketing and provide anything from SEO to Email marketing.

Look First Marketing will strengthen your brand identity, helping you turn leads into loyal customers. From a detailed competitor analysis to repositioning your brand story, we help you stand out from the crowd.

A recognisable and consistent brand builds an identity that customers trust. Look First Marketing offers a fully integrated solution that successfully reaches and engages with new audiences, ensuring your business is remembered for the long-term.

Meet Our Best Experts

Time Line
  1. Nov, 2016
    Foundation of the Company

    We started as a team of 3 at a young age . One day we sat round a table and said it is not all about us let us help other business strive to the goal they want.

  2. Aug, 2017
    Development of ourselves

    In 2017 we decided to invest more a whole year in developing our skills completing 7 different courses to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing.

  3. Oct, 2018
    Bringing Look First forward

    In 2018 we finally decided we can launch the company to the public as we were ready to help the business owners increase their sales.

  4. Feb, 2019
    Build up

    In 2019 we was helping so many business we was proud to open our office in Edmonton.

  5. Nov, 2020

    Look First is uniquely placed to consult and secure the type of coverage and links that deliver impact. Working with some of the fastest growing companies in Europe, we’ve developed an understanding of the factors that Google values when ranking websites. We apply the same strict methodology when carrying out our Content Marketing and Digital PR.

  6. May, 2022
    To Date

    Till this day the Look First teams number 1 priority is to help business grow and succeed in their industry.

Excellent Support
Look First offers advertising and marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses across the U.K. for a fraction of the cost and none of the headache.
Awesome Team
Till this day the Look First teams number 1 priority is to help business grow and succeed in their industry.
Faster Performance
We do not underestimate the power of social media marketing we use both platforms to help build your business.

Our Vision

Unlike many other digital marketing agencies, we focus exclusively on SEO. It’s the one channel that outperforms all others in delivering a return on investment.