Best Technical SEO Service In London

Best Technical SEO Service in London

Mostly You Ignore The Technical SEO Part But this is the most important part to rank in google and remain on top. Sometimes you face Crawling issues and your website gets hit by google. The Problem is You just need to Audit your website and fix the technical issues then see the Results.

We have an Expert Team of Seo Technicians Who can Audit your Website and Give you a AUdit report and also solve the errors, and Technical Problems of your website.

Our Team Prefer to get a monthly SEO Audit of your website. If your Website is not ranking you must fix the technical part then see the results;
The focus of our SEO Service is to drive relevant traffic and generate more sales. We will share progress reports On Monthly And Weekly Bases.

technical SEO

What We Offer

If your Website is not ranking you must fix the technical part then see the results, In Technical SEO we Audit Your Website and Send you a Report then Fix That errors in Your Website.

Our Technical SEO Services in Detail

Speed Optimization

Setup or fix Error Google Search Console

Fix site Structure

Add Schema Markup

Setup or fix Error Google analytics

Add Alt Tag


Speed Optimization:

If your Website is not loading fast then your customer moves to the next website so basically Speedy Website is very important. We speed up your website and do 90+ score on GT matrix and Google page speed optimization.

Setup or fix Error in Google Search Console & Analytics:

We Setup Google search Console & analytics for your Website but if your website is facing any issues related to Search console like crawling issues we can fix it and integrate in your website properly.

Fix Site Structure Issues:

In this Process we fix canonical Tags, trilling slash or non trilling slash, and redirection issues on your website main thing if your website structure is not optimised then fix that it may be whole website or Permalinks structure.

Add Schema Markup:

This is very important to crawl your website fast because Google bots read schema very quickly that’s why we setup this in every website. Also schema is used to get your article in rich snippets of google.

Add Alt Tag :

This is a very basic process. You can add keyword alt tags in url, title, images description we fix this as well in our technical SEO Package.


What's the difference between SEO and technical SEO?

In a few words, technical SEO refers to improving the technical side of your website, like site speed and loading errors. Content SEO refers to improving the content, like blog posts, on your website’s pages. Both SEO strategies help your website appear higher up in Google search results.

Would I get a report? If yes, in what format?

Definitely! You will get a report in Excel and Word format. It will help you see and understand each phase in different tabs easily.

Why Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to website and server optimizations that help search engine spiders crawl and index your site more effectively

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